Taking care of your Brand means taking care of your business.

Taking care of your Brand means taking care of your business.

First Contact

The image and voice of a company are the first contact with a pool of potential customers. The first impression is what matters.

From defining identity to narration and visual communication, we reinforce the perception that customers have of your brand

This means strengthening the business. Making a brand familiar to its customers is essential for creating an emotional and trusting bond. Would you ever lend your car to a stranger?

Companies must humanize themselves, be perceived as people. A face and a voice that I can trust, in which I can recognize myself.


Getting to know himself to make yourself known

An identity is not just an appearance, it is more often recognized by its most intangible characteristics. This is why we are convinced that the analysis, from the definition of values to the market positioning, is a fundamental phase to develop an identity project capable of speaking to its audience with a recognizable and clear voice.

“Brands are relationships, not just transactions. They are intimate emotional connections, you cannot live without them”

Quality content to transform a brand into a Lovemark

By now we know how much quality content can convert effectively. But we don't like talking only about numbers and business: quality content increases the perception of a brand, becoming a distinctive and therefore competitive element. From handmade illustrations for individual digital campaigns, to the design of visual systems integrated into the ecosystem of a brand identity, our distinctive point is to make sure that it can distinguish you.

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We bring your stories to life

Our design oriented approach allows us to create videos capable of responding to your business goals and telling the very soul of your brand.

Thanks to its ability to synthesize and the engagement it generates, video is the fundamental means of communicating ideas, launching products or simply telling who you are on the web and on social networks.

Meduse makes videos because it works and because we love making them.

“The perception of the brand identity is the sum of all the contact experiences between the user and the brand.”

Digital Marketing: from content to message

In a world saturated with information and "calls to action", quality content is not enough. You need to know how to dominate the ecosystem of media channels, both digital and physical, with an effective and targeted marketing strategy for your audience. We help you to get listened to, guiding you through the jungle of sponsorships, carefully planning every marketing action, and monitoring the KPIs of campaigns to refine them and improve their effectiveness.


A successful event generates relationships

We create physical-digital experiences, in which the content of the event or conference can also be accessed remotely, opening up new opportunities for participation. The phygital event is designed to meet the needs of two different audiences: those who want to live the exclusive experience on site and those who prefer the convenience of remote access. Whatever the modality, our events have reason to exist only when we are able to create mechanics of participation and dialogue between the speaker and the audience.

The value of an event is recognized in the participation of all its actors.