We explore people's needs to design extraordinary user experiences.

We explore people's needs to design extraordinary user experiences.

"UX is empathy for the person on the other side of the interface.”

UX design means empathy

UX is closely linked to usability, but this is only one aspect of its complexity.
To us, UX is about experience, and experiences are pervaded with emotions. This is why usability isn't it all: we are expert in creating digital experiences, the ones that the user craves for, the right ones to satisfy specific user's needs in given contexts.


Keep the big picture in mind

Whether it is a corporate portal, a public website or an intranet application, we always start by analyzing the context and getting to know the people who will use the product. Only by fully understanding the needs and habits of our users we can guarantee a successful user experience.

UI is UX

We believe that User Interface and User Experience are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, we dedicate time, attention and research to both aspects, so that they can work together toward a common goal.


A multidisciplinary team

Information architecture, SEO, visual design, copywriting, user interface, motion design: all these activities, connected together, contribute to a successful user experience. In Meduse we devote the same care and attention to detail to each of them.

"Design is our passion; ensuring our customers' needs is our goal."

Good Design = Good Business

From marketing websites to complex company applications, any project can benefit from a user centered design approach. Offering our customers a satisfying user experience means supporting their business. Always.


We have years of experience behind us, but we are no fortune tellers. We learned intuition must be validated by the user. This is why we use wireframes and interactive prototypes to constantly gather feedback from those who use our service every day.