Finance, Fashion & Retail, Manifacturing, Food & Beverage, Utilities, Automotive. Each project is unique to us.

Meduse has been working for years designing digital assets with high added value such as e-commerce, Home Banking, institutional and product websites, intranets, mobile applications, web apps and user experience improvement services. Always keeping people and their needs at the center of the projects.

Our communications department is active in supporting customers in the revision and positioning of the brand, corporate identity, creative campaigns, digital marketing, SEO & Analytics projects and content creation (videos, graphics, text). We are specialists in this sector, thanks also to the strong presence of our holding GFT in these markets; this guarantees us knowledge of the processes and technological logics of a system in continuous evolution.

Today we are involved in the Omnichannel challenges of the near future, which we face with a holistic approach, trying to connect experience and technology to improve the customer experience. We do it with passion, combining knowledge of the markets with the culture of design, thanks to multidisciplinary and dynamic teams.