This is the start of a great adventure.
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A place to belong

We are not just an agency: we are a group of people, this makes the difference in meduse. We work fine, because we are fine between us.

Our approach is not hierarchical - all team members are involved in every phase of the project. Our strength lies in diversity and we believe that everyone must contribute with their unique point of view.

Show offs are boring, and we want to have fun.

Grow-up with us and make a difference

We come from different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: passion. We never stop sharing, because we never stop feeding the real engine of innovation: curiosity.
This is how we never stop learning and improving.

Personal and professional developement are real priorities in meduse, we believe this is the best way to a healthy work enviroment. Our career model is designed to enhance individual skills through a continuous growth.

Want to do something great? Join meduse.

Great plans require great talents.
Whether you want to become part of our team, or simply stop over and say "hi!", we'll be happy to have coffe with you.

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