The meduse methodology

We have developed a methodology that allows us to tackle projects of different nature with a modular and agile approach, able to cover the project from the strategy phase to that of development and maintenance. The trademark of meduse.

The methodological process consists of 4 phases: Discover, Ideate, Make, Monitoring



Through qualitative and quantitative interviews we deepen the information in our possession on the company's background, vision, business objectives, design constraints.

At the same time, we undertake an assessment of the various services that the market or customer currently makes available to its customers or employees with the aim of better understanding the peculiarities of the individual services and how these services are used by end users.

We organize interviews, focus groups and / or online surveys with a selection of users to collect their needs and understand the context in which they operate.

The goal of the first phase is the definition of the value proposition: the promise of product value to the customer.


Starting from the identified value proposition and referring to the personas representing the types of users and the market context, the flows that allow to satisfy the expectations are developed by defining a first strategic solution of the project.

The output of the second phase is a Concept through which it will be possible to explain the main characteristics of the product capable of meeting the needs defined in the previous phase.

Depending on the case, we can face this phase independently and then discuss with the customer or plan a path based on the principles of design thinking and consisting of co-creation workshops.


Based on the concept produced and validated in the previous phase, we can proceed with the design process which includes all aspects of definition and implementation of the solution: from design to functional specifications, from the identification of the technical solution to the frontend and backend development, up to the tests and upon release.

Also in this phase we involve users in an iterative design and user test process so that only the validated solutions pass to the development phase.


Our goal is to create usable and effective solutions: what defines the achievement of these objectives must be a measurable datum consistent with the business objectives.

This is why our projects are born to be measured and, once in production, they are monitored to check if there are any frictions or pain points on which to be able to intervene with a view to continuous improvement.